ICEevent is a retailer and produces ice events in collaboration with ICEHOTEL. We design and build exhibitions and offer ice sculpting.

Tjåsa Gusfors performs live sculpting, such as her work in Californian Mojave desert at the presentation of the Virgin Galactic Spaceship Two.

ICEeventalso makes ice music. The show "Carved in Ice" is produced in cooperation with eminent percussionist Ebba Westerberg and audio artist Isak Eldh. The act can be performed indoors as well as outdoors.


Tjåsa Gusfors is an artist who makes designs in ice and snow. From the year 2000 and
onwards she has been working for ICEHOTEL, employed as an artist and Artist Coach.

Ms Gusfors has produced and participated in several major events worldwide. In the Northern part of Norway, she has designed and supervised the building of the largest ice cinema in the world, replete with a snowmobile drive-in.

Now she runs ICEevent.

Jag heter Tjåsa Gusfors och är isskulptör bl a. Det här är min hemsida: Jag bor i Sverige och har arbetat sen 2000 med ICEHOTEL och med isskulptering